Your income potential calculator

It is time to make more money!

Everyone would love to make more revenue for their business. We have created an extremely simple calculator below. It is designed to show you a small glimpse of what your earning potential could be. We are not asking for any personal information to get this data. There is a completely optional signup form at the bottom of this page to start the process if you decide you are interested.


We have a no strings attached client value calculator below:

First, think of your average client. Then fill out the first section of the form below with them in mind. We are going to help you figure out how much more money that client could earn you when you use your new branded admin from ScoopAdmin to help sell them on website development.

The average lifespan of a web client is 5 years. We are going to show you what the total value for these types of clients would be over the long term. Then, in the final section, you can tell us how many of these clients you think you can convert in a year. Now you have a picture of the earning potential you have with your new system! We can't wait to help you achieve your goals.

Fill out the information about your company then look to the your potential column to find your results!

Your Company:







Your Potential:

Upfront project revenue: $2,000.00
Recurring revenue per year: $180.00
Average client 5 year value: $2,720.00

Think about all of the potential this provides for you to work again with existing clients:


Upfront revenue from 10 projects: $20,000.00
Recurring revenue per year from 10 clients: $1,800.00
Total 5 year value of 10 clients: $27,200.00


*These numbers are developed using industry averages. You may charge more or less for each service. We attempted to use the most conservative numbers. We intend for this calculator to provide reasonable and achivable numbers based on our experience in rural / small town areas for the past decade.



Are you missing out on thousands of dollars?

This calculator is just a conservative depiction of what you could be earning. Your actual results could be much higher than what is shown here. Everyone is looking for passive income for their business. Having your own administration system is a great way to start producing passive income. If you think you are ready to signup fill out the form to the right.

We are currently experiencing a larger than anticipated influx of signups for the software. We are only going to be able to take a limited number of accounts during this quarter. Please apply now. We are going to try to get as many partners in as possible.