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You are more than a website host with ScoopAdmin!

ScoopAdmin is more than a hosting provider we are a full-service software provider. Opensource competitors often have managed hosting options. These options generally start at $35 dollars per month. Most of these hosting providers put limits on the number of visitors you can have per month. We prefer to keep our hosting plans simple and as cost-effective as possible. Other providers require you to pay massive upgrade fees when your opensource CMS goes out of date. They will then charge additional development time to fix broken plugins. More hidden fees will appear if you have a security breach. Not with ScoopAdmin. We handle all of that for you. All you have to do is focus on your clients!

The more clients you put on the ScoopAdmin's system, the greater your partnership discount gets. We want your business to grow and be successful with recurring monthly income.

$25 per month

You get a standard template from our list. We will install it as-is on your client site. You place all content, and images. You customize the colors of the template to fit your client's brand.

  • 1gb of Storage Space
  • Always Up To Date
  • Automatic Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • One Standard Template

$25 per month
$450 success coaching

We provide you with a consultative analysis of your client and help you choose a template from our list to best fit your client. We will install it on your client site. We will make minor modifications to help make it unique to your client. We provide a project management checklist to help you gather all the pieces needed to make the site. We train you to place all content, and images into the site. We will customize the colors of the template to fit your client's brand.

  • 1gb of Storage Space
  • Always Up To Date
  • Automatic Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • One Premium Template
  • Project Management Support
  • Phone Interview
  • Online Coaching Session
  • Minor Customization of Template

$20 per month
Custom Quoted Per Project

We will help you create a scope document. We will give you a quoted custom price for producing your client site. You can present that price + your markup to your client. We will provide all project management and any other services in line with the agreed-upon scope for you and your client. We present the final completed site to you. Allowing you to stay the primary point of contact with your client.

  • 1gb of Storage Space
  • Always Up To Date
  • Automatic Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • One Premium Template
  • Project Management Support
  • Phone Interview
  • Internal Project Review/Updates
  • Customization of Template
  • Creation of Any Required Assets / Content

Addon Items:

Buy your domain & manage DNS with our ScoopAdmin partner portal for as low as $14.99.

Get more storage space for $5 per 1 gb per month.

Buy premium templates from $50-150.

Get a custom design turned into a template.

Get premium SSL certificates with insurance.

Partnership Discounts:

Get discounts when you have multiple clients with ScoopAdmin.

10+ Clients get 5% off all monthly hosting packages.

25+ Clients get 10% off all monthly hosting packages.

50+ Clients get 15% off all monthly hosting packages.

100+ Clients get 20% off all monthly hosting packages.

The more clients you put on ScoopAdmin the more money you can make for your business! We would love to help you grow your passive income!

Patreon discounts can be stacked with the above discounts. Click here to join. This will be a limited time offering.

Our Services:



Starting as low as $275 per month



We take ad budgets starting at $500 per month. We charge a low percentage of the budget. Act fast to lock in our 20% rate!

Blogging Icon

Blogging/Content Production

Posts/Content writing for as little as $75


Graphic Design

Logo creation starting at $150



Packages beginning at $200



Website videography packages available at $200


Social Media Management

We can even help you get everything set up. Our plans begin at $150 per month.


Email Marketing

Pricing is determined by the number of emails crafted and sent on a monthly basis. For only $50 a month we can help keep people engaged.

Don't have time to fulfill all the services you'd like to offer?

One of the most unique things about ScoopAdmin is the networking and partnership component. When you join with us in our Patreon community at the Bronze level or higher, you have access to the Discord chat room where you can leverage other Scoop resellers' talents and availabilities. You've got choices and resources available to you to not only to help you create customized packages but a full community of professionals working alongside you.

Even though The ScoopAdmin community is still in the growth stage, don't worry! We still have a highly skilled network behind us that can provide you with all of the services you might need. Let us help you fill gaps in your offerings.

Imagine selling a few of these services to your clients. Our pricing is incredibly reasonable allowing you to mark it up. With only a small markup on a few of these services to a few of your clients, it could net you thousands of dollars per year in passive income!

If you would like to learn more about service ideas, as well as get free tips and tricks sent to your inbox, signup to the right to join our free mailing list to help grow your income potential.