Services for All

You are pretty awesome at what you do! It is your passion and talent that got you to this point. Does your client need a service that you don't offer? This is the number one way that people lose customers to larger companies. They are not as awesome as you, but they offer tons of services.

Don't lose another client to a new provider! You need a good partner. ScoopAdmin is here to help you create a full set of service offerings. Do you need photography or marketing to complete a client's package? Don't worry. We have got the right person to help create the perfect offering.

We can work with you to recommend package options. Our goal is always to provide your customer with the best solution.  As a bonus, recurring services can provide you with thousands of extra dollars per month!

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Creating evergreen content by adjusting a few pages of the site each month to adapt to search trends.



Create engaging sales funnels to produce measurable interaction and leads. Use advertising budgets to double down on driving new traffic to the client funnel.

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Blogging/Content Production

Is your client establishing themselves as an expert? Some fields require showing visitors the ability to stay on the latest trends. We can craft a content production schedule that keeps the site fresh and relevant.


Graphic Design

Great logos and visual branding can be extremely effective in brand recognition and promotion. They can keep an organization's themes and values consistent throughout all media and marketing, not just on a website. Whether it's new logo creations or modernizing existing graphics, professional imagery is important.



Images allow clients to see exactly what it is a company is offering. They can see the merchandise, the services, and the people behind the company or organization. Don't let subpar graphics deter from the message your clients are portraying with their sites. Professional photography is something that cannot be undervalued.



Let the audience be a part of the experience! Immerse viewers into the environment and culture of your clients' organizations. This multimedia approach increases viewer engagement and can truly set a site apart.


Social Media Management

It is incredibly important to be where the conversations are happening. Right now that is social media. We can help you find the right platform to reach the right customers with the right messaging.


Email Marketing

Create customer databases to craft custom segments that produce a more in-depth understanding of how people make buying decisions. Then, craft messaging that speaks directly to these small groups of people on a regular basis to help encourage continued interaction with the brand.

Don't have time to fulfill all the services you'd like to offer?

One of the most unique things about ScoopAdmin is the networking and partnership component. When you join with us in our Patreon community at the Bronze level or higher, you have access to the Discord chat room where you can leverage other Scoop resellers' talents and availabilities. You've got choices and resources available to you to not only to help you create customized packages but a full community of professionals working alongside you.

Even though The ScoopAdmin community is still in the growth stage, don't worry! We still have a highly skilled network behind us that can provide you with all of the services you might need. Let us help you fill gaps in your offerings.

Technology Integrations

The ScoopAdmin system pares well with other software systems. This allows you to build out a solution that is perfect for your client. For example: If you have a client that would like to sell merchandise or tickets. They can utilize one of our eCommerce integrations such as Shopify or Square.

We are constantly adding more providers. Check back frequently for new offerings and ideas.

Imagine selling a few of these services to your clients. Our pricing is incredibly reasonable allowing you to mark it up. With only a small markup on a few of these services to a few of your clients, it could net you thousands of dollars per year in passive income!

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