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Would you like to make more money by adding website creation to your existing list of services? Have you struggled with making websites in the past? Does making a website take up too much time? We have been in your shoes. ScoopAdmin was created to help make this process easier! Other services leave you on your own to figure out how to make a great site. At ScoopAdmin our training and project management services are built-in! We don't leave you all alone to "google" all your questions.

Those other big website creation services put themselves first. Your clients pay them for their website. Your client will see their branding everywhere. That isn't right! You did all the work! Your client should stay YOUR client! ScoopAdmin puts your branding directly into the admin. Your client will pay you each month!

It isn't about us. It is about empowering your business.


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How we put your brand first

Let your website admin software help promote your business and your hard work. Everything your client sees will display your name and logo. Don't let someone else get the credit for all you are doing!

ScoopAdmin has built-in help videos. You can even upload your own tutorial videos or use our videos by uploading them to your channel! We are serious about keeping your brand first!

Get a jump start

When you order a new site, you don't have to start with a blank page! It can be really overwhelming to think about starting from scratch. Don't worry. We offer onboarding services. Our team will meet with you over the phone. We will provide you with a proven checklist of items to complete. Once those are completed our team will send you a site that is pre-branded and ready for you to customize! ScoopAdmin is your support team. We can do as much or as little as you need.

Help the client stay on brand

Isn't it frustrating when a client changes up all your work! Now you can't use that site for your portfolio! With our admin options, you can maintain your client's branding and message by keeping login access to yourself, or you can invite them into the process by granting them access to the admin page. Our tool was designed to limit styling/colors and brand compromising choices to minimize client design impacts but still providing them with a sense of choice.

Hassle free page creation

Isn't it frustrating to build a website on a budget and not be able to make it look correct? What if you need a feature or a design element that isn't included in the template that was chosen? Don't let those big website creation companies hold back your creative vision anymore! Our visual drag and drop editor allows for complex pages to be laid out without hassle. We are always available to add custom elements to your site if there are not pre-coded blocks already in place to suit your needs.


We didn't stop at software. We would like to be your teammates in all phases of client fulfillment. ScoopAdmin is your CMS ( Content Management System ), your networking community, your technical support team, your sales support group, and your marketing department! We are here to support you as little or as much as you need! That is why we call it a partnership!


Initial Sales

Curious to see how much you could initially make off the sale of a single site? Maybe you want to see what a year of selling sites would look like? Check out our recommended rates and prices to make thousands of dollars.


Recurring Opportunities

Create service solution packages to generate monthly or quarterly recurring sales with your customers. Whether it's advertising campaigns or retainer plans for content updating, there is a way to keep the cash flowing after the initial work is complete.


We Support You


Get Training

Part of the ScoopAdmin's advantage is the training which is included with the product. We embedded training videos into the software for you to access whenever and wherever. Do you need more help? Don't worry we can offer you more than a one-time training call. We believe in continuous support throughout your journey.


Success Coaching

Teaming up with ScoopAdmin is a great solution for those who are focused on sales, overbooked, or are not confident in their web skills. We help work through your entire client implementation process. In addition to our phone consultation, we can create a customized checklist for completing your client's project from start to finish.


Become Certified

We are going to offer certifications to our partners in the future. We are in the process of identifying our top tier partners, and they will be the first ones to receive certification training opportunities. Being certified reassures your client that you are the best-in-class at providing a quality web site to suit their needs. 

Need to learn more? Get one on one training for any specific portion of the software or our services. Get training on how to position and sell websites. You can also have a Q&A with a web expert just to ask your general questions. Our flexible training for partners is designed to help you succeed.

We take our partnership system seriously! ScoopAdmin can only be successful if our partners are accomplishing their goals. We can be an extra teammate for your business. Let us help you create and achieve your business goals!

"ScoopAdmin gave me a new way to offer value in my coach recruitment strategy."

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