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Major Release

We worked tirelessly to get this integration and feature release out. Our next release will be focused on internal tooling. Internal tooling releases often take a significant amount of time as they have large architecture implications for the whole software. We prioritized all of the features that were near the end of a developent cycle and bundled them up into this offering.

Here is what you can start using in your new admins today:

  • FEATURE: Shopify integration added for categories and individual products.
    This is a major integration. It is backward compatible with a site created in any version of the software. It will require a manual upgrade by a ScoopAdmin developer. This upgrade process generally takes only a few minutes. It is available for free. Just submit a support ticket.
  • FEATURE: Import pre-created pages from another site sharing the same template.
    During the installation process, we are now able to bring layouts from your chosen site pages to your new client site. This should greatly speed up site creation time for our partners.
  • FEATURE: In site template code editor.
    We have now added a code editor directly into the admin. Our more advanced partners can now edit portions of their site code directly in the admin tool.
  • FEATURE: Settings system added for partners.
    Partners will now have access to the setting for integrations. This feature will get ongoing improvements in future versions. The current settings system allows for setting sitewide title, meta tags, etc. It also controls the integration with Wufoo or other chosen form system. Adjusting or changing Shopify integration is also available here.
  • FEATURE: Logging into admin takes you to the last page you visited.
  • FEATURE: Admin template styling/customization system added.
    This feature is for newly created sites. New sites will have a series of choices that can be edited to change the look and feel of the site. This gives the partner even more flexibility when setting up a site or creating a unique looking landing page.
  • FEATURE: Error logs now flush every week.
    This is some housekeeping on our end. We are striving to keep our logging as minimal as possible to provide you with the most server space as possible on your plan.
  • FEATURE: Blogs, news, listings features are all sorting by date by default.
  • FEATURE: For improved login experience Captcha / Security has been upgraded to reCaptcha from Google.
    We did not experience a single breach under our last partner's captcha. Unfortunately, they were shuttering the service. We had to make this change and are happy to utilize this largest, statistically most effective commercial Captcha offering now from Google.